Odin Dutton



My Rust Journey So Far

by Odin Dutton

This is a summary of most of the Rust projects I’ve worked on in my spare time over the last few years.



  • gol – Game of Life.
  • chip-8 – This is an easier emulator to build than the LC-3 as the intructions are easier to parse.
  • aurora – Inspired by projects such as starship, this is a prompt built in Rust to be very fast and easy to configure.
  • mandelbrot-set – The mandelbrot set fractal.
  • phreaking – Generate Dual Tone Multi Frequency (DTMF) tones.
  • farbfeld-view – A farbfeld viewer. farbfeld is a lossless image format which is easy to parse, pipe and compress.
  • msws – Middle Square Weyl Sequence pseudorandom number generator. I made this (no_std) to use in oos as a random number generator for doing game of life.
  • oos – The beginnings of an operating system, following along the wonderful series Writing an OS in Rust by Philipp Oppermann.
  • diff-color – Color diff --unified output.
  • hash-data – A library and command line tool for identifying hashes.
  • tin-whistle – Takes ABC notation from STDIN and prints out tin whistle diagrams. Ported from Crystal to Rust.


  • rs8080 – The beginnings of an 8080 emulator, I later decided this was too hard and tried (and finished) a LC-3 emulator.
  • lc3 – An LC-3 emulator. This is a good starting place for playing with emulators.