Odin Dutton



Command Line Tasks that Announce when they're Complete

by Odin Dutton

Just a quick post to start things off; I’ve recently stumbled across a great command line tip, simply append && say command complete to the of your commands to have OS X tell you when it’s complete.

For example use bundle && say bundle complete to let you know when a bundle is finished or use git push heroku && say deployed on heroku to know when your website is deployed.


I packaged a few commands up into aliases:

alias b='bundle && say bundle complete'
alias gph='git push heroku && say deployed on heroku'

Taking it further

Lucas Willet (@ltw_) took this idea a step further and created a bash function that you can prepend to the start of any command to have it automatically prepend say the command.

Looking for more? Aliases like these and much more can be found in my dotfiles on my github.